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Christina Summers

Completed my Rescue Diver Certification at Utila Dive Center under the Trident Warrior Organization. I loved it!! The training at UDC is outstanding. I learned so much and had so much fun during the entire course. I am a much more confident diver now!🙌 I love the mission of the Trident Warrior Organization and that my training supported the organization, allowing a combat veteran to complete a diving certification course for free. I’m looking forward to my Dive Master training this summer at UDC under the Trident Warrior Organization!

I’m thankful to my friend Wayne Miller for starting the Trident Warrior Organization and for his time and dedication in organizing safe, fun, high-quality trips. His passion for helping combat veterans and for diving is awesome! I met Wayne years ago on a dive trip that he organized in Cozumel. I think there were about 15 divers from all over the world on this trip. We had an absolute blast and of course the diving was spectacular!! Wayne is a fun, straightforward person who is passionate about diving, helping combat veterans, and meeting/diving with people from all over the world. I know that when I go on a dive trip that Wayne organized and or dive with a resort that he has recommended, I can just relax and fully enjoy the dive trip! I can rest assured that he has spent countless hours researching the best options for quality diving, cost, fun, and many other factors that are important in organizing a smooth, high quality, fun dive trip.

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