A few words from the founder

The objective of the Trident Warrior Program is primarily to provide free diver training to Military Combat Veterans from all over the world.  As a former combat veteran having served in conflicts in the Gulf war,  Northern Ireland and Bosnia I have a passion for veterans and for how much they sacrifice.  I personally found relief and peace from Scuba diving at a young age following my combat tour in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq in 1990 and begun diving in 1992 during  my combat tour in Northern Ireland.

This allowed me to become a much more compassionate and peaceful person and I think that diving has given me so much and made me be a better person.  There are many therapeutic properties that can truly give combat veterans peace and freedom and this is the purpose of Trident Warriors.

With so many veterans I think there will be a need in the beginning stages within our program to distinguish between a combat veteran and a veteran simply due to our limited resources.  Whilst I strongly feel that they all have made a sacrifice, it is those that have served in combat and came under fire that truly need our help.  I do not wish for this program to be abused neither by the volunteers nor by the veterans, so it is important that we review those that come to us for help and validate their service so that guidelines that we set are adhered to for the sake of being able to give to those that deserve it the most and to make sure that all raised funds goes towards helping our veterans with not a single penny wasted on frivolous spending.  Our volunteers are unpaid and do not get to use funds raised for any training or travel.  It is my strong belief that we spend only on our veterans so that you can be assured that your money is not wasted.

Wayne Miller