Trident Warriors are evolving.  We are working on developing projects to reach a much larger audience than just conducting one on one training.  We feel that we are making a difference but it is not enough.  We want to do more with less.  When we look at the time and resources that it takes for us to conduct training or organize diving trips we realize that we can do better by building the pioneering projects that will hopefully make a much larger impact.

In 2023 we invested over 1,066 volunteer hours not just in teaching but also in developing the website, researching and creating 2 large diving trips to the Red Sea and a whole range of other tasks related to giving back to our veterans.

We feel that we can do more and so beginning January 2024 we have now formed an IRS compliant 501(c)(3) Non-Profit with a board of directors, a growing list of volunteers serving on advisory committee’s and all with a vision to focus on two primary projects (Operations).

Please take a dive into reading more about these projects here:

Operation PathFinder

Operation Oculus Apertor

and if you feel that you can help us in any way then please reach out to us.  Every little bit of help we get brings us a little closer to our goals.