Philippines Sardines & Threshers
total cost:
What's included
13 Nights Accommodation
Daily massage in Malapascua (Total of 5)
24 to 28 guided dives (Weather & Schedule dependent)
Free Nitrox certification if not already certified.
Nitrox on all dives
Transport from airport to MoalBoal, Malapascua, Panglao and Cebu
All port fees, marine park fees, fuel charges.
What's NOT included
All meals and alcohol
Sorb, O2 over 40% or helium or cylinders for tech diving
Flights (We estimate them to be around $1000 to $1500 return from USA & London based on current prices)

Philippines Cebu 5th – 19th May

We will do the following dive sites with 24 to 28 guided dives planned.  MoalBoal, Kalanggaman Island, Gato Island, Kimud Shoal, Monad Shoal, Capitancillo, Pamilican, Balacasag & other popular sites.

Proposed dive schedule depending on weather is as follows:

Sunday 5th May Day 1: Depart Cebu hotel at 11am arrive in MoalBoal
Monday 6th May Day 2: (2 day boat dives and 1 night dive to the Sardine Bait Ball)
Tuesday 7th May Day 3: (2 day boat dives and 1 night dive to local sites)
Wednesday 8th May Day 4: (2 day boat dives to local sites).
Thursday 9th May Day 5: Depart MoalBoal to Port Maya to take the Ferry to the beautiful Island of Malapascua
Friday 10th May Day 6: (2 – 3 dives schedule and location dependent where we will endeavor to visit the best that Malapascua has to offer at Kalanggaman Island, Gato Island, Kimud Shoal, Monad Shoal, Capitancillo and others.
Saturday 11th May Day 7: (Malapascua diving – Day 2)
Sunday 12th May Day 8: (Malapascua diving – Day 3)
Monday 13th May Day 9: (Malapascua diving – Day 4)
Tuesday 14th May Day 10: (Malapascua diving – Day 5)
Wednesday 15th May Day 11: Travel to Cebu & Panglao. (Depending on number of guests will determine if we stay in private villa or hotel.  We have the option to go big in a posh villa or go small in a comfortable villa.  This will be a group decision once all guests are confirmed).
Thursday 16th May Day 12: (2 day boat dives and 1 night dive to Pamilican)
Friday 17th May Day 13: (2 day boat dives and 1 night dive to Balacasag)
Saturday 18th May Day 14: Travel to Cebu & overnight social evening
Sunday 19th May Day 15: Everyone hug it out and part ways.

Trip costs include the following:
> Nitrox on all dives
> All port fees, marine park fees, fuel charges.
> Daily massage in Malapascua
> Transport from airport to MoalBoal, Malapascua, Panglao and Cebu

We will be conducting training at huge discounts in MoalBoal and Panglao (Not Malapascua).

We will be conducting workshops including intensive buoyancy training, trim perfection, frog kicking, back finning and other essentials.  Truth be told this is also a primer to recruit for a stunning trip we are planning to Truk Lagoon in 2025.

Fineprint: Please note that this is not a lavish trip with red carpets, it is designed to be economical to allow our veterans to join in the adventures.  No single supplements unless you insist on your own room.  You will be paired up with a buddy of same sex and personality match to share a room where there are two twin beds in each room. We like to hold a video call with participants prior to confirming booking to chat with you about the trip and make sure we deliver your expectations. Once you are given a place on the trip you will be required to pay a 50% Non refundable deposit to hold your spot. Final 50% payment is required 60 days before arrival date. You will be guided through the process of booking your own flight.  If you are not collecting points on your credit card for flights then we may ask if we can book your flight for you so that we can build up our points to save so tht we pay pay for veterans travel in the future.  In any case you will be asked to provide your flight  details so we can log it and be aware of your travel plans and avoid any mishaps. You will be required to carry divers and holiday/vacation travel insurance. You will be asked to provide dive count, last dive, highest dive certification held and membership numbers that we will verify. Finally, this is a trip filled with fun single divers but a couple or dare we say a married up pair or two may sneak in :). The trip is strongly geared towards singles, military veterans and fun people so please, if you are a Karen or Ken then we would appreciate it if you went on the trip starting on 33nd of Julugust. There will be military veterans on the trip so please know that profanity will be widely distributed and dark humour is our strongest ally that has helped us through hard times. Please consider other options if you think this may offend you.

Can’t wait to see you in Philippines 🙂


Cebu, Philippines
from May 5, 2024 to May 19, 2024
Associated Costs:
  • $1700 Base Package -
  • $70 MoalBoal solo room (4 Nights) -
  • $120 Malapascua solo room (6 Nights) -
  • $90 Panglao Posh - Group Vote -
Certifications available:
  • $280 - Advanced Open Water -
  • $180 - Deep Certification -
  • $130 - DPV Certification -
  • $130 - Full Face Mask Certification -
  • $0 - Nitrox Certifiction (Free) -
  • $330 - SideMount -
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