Chris Clare, Mission Ocean
PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor

Chris Clare grew up landlocked in Arkansas, but he has had a passion for animals, and specifically marine animals since he was a young boy.  As his 12th birthday was approaching his dad suggested an SSI Open Water course as a birthday gift.  Those moments underwater were going to change the trajectory of his life…he just didn’t know it yet.  He dabbled in diving for the next two decades only clocking 45 dives during vacations and at local lakes and quarries.

It wasn’t until he found a supportive scuba community after a move to Dallas that he jumped in with both feet. Chris has since logged over 2000 dives and is underwater at least twice a week year-round. Some of his favorite dive getaways include the Red Sea, Bonaire, Roatan and Florida.  He has an insatiable appetite to learn everything he can regarding his favorite pastime.  Chris is a PADI MSDT Instructor as well as an Instructor with SDI/TDI.

Most new divers that have had the opportunity to be trained by Chris have vowed to travel to him for future training.  He has an ability to be very thorough and compassionate in his instruction which has created many happy return customers that he now counts as friends.

Chris’ passion project is Mission Ocean and while he is still ironing out the details of how to best impact the health and wellbeing of the Ocean, he envisions supporting many conservancy projects throughout the world.

*Chris is also partnered with Trident Warriors, which is led by his friend Wayne Miller.  The mission of Trident Warriors is to help combat veterans find peace and tranquility in the underwater world.  Trident Warriors offers free scuba training and certification.  Chris brings his time and expertise to fulfill this mission.*

Chris also enjoys underwater photography and some of his favorite dives involve staying in one place to capture the critters as they come out from hiding and put on a show.  He finds his most Zen moments while diving caves and loves pushing the limits with TEC diving.  He is a lifelong student and will never stop learning and evolving as a diver.

When Chris isn’t meditating in an underwater cave, training new divers, or traveling to his next big diving adventure he may be found parachuting out of a plane as he is also pursuing a skydiving license, at the gym, building beautiful furniture, spending time with his Great Dane, Zero or making moves on the dance floor.