Justin Scott, IDC Staff Instructor
PADI Staff Instructor

Justin Scott is from the Great State of Texas and currently lives in Utila, Honduras.

He formerly served in the United States Army. His professional life was spent in the soul-sucking business world. Realizing that he needed a way to disconnect, he began scuba diving. Discovering the peace that can be found in the underwater world, he and his wife decided to make a life change. They left the United States to become PADI scuba instructors and share their gift with others.

He now works at Utila Dive Center as a Staff Instructor, where he met Wayne Miller. Wayne shared his mission statement with Justin, and he immediately wanted to be a part of the program.

The opportunity to give back to those who have given so much can not be passed up. He is proud to work for UDC, who wants to be a part of such a worthy endeavor, and loves working with veterans.