Egypt – North Wreck Week
total cost:
What's included
Live-Aboard Fee
All Nitrox included
Catered Food for Duration of Liveaboard
Port, Fuel, Permission & Conservation Reef Fees
What's NOT included
Alcohol (available on board)
Flights & associated travel
Transit hotels
Sorb, O2 over 40% or helium or cylinders for tech diving

North Wreck Trip – 24th June to 01st July.
Boarding starts on Saturday 24th June at 2pm stay overnight in harbor
Depart morning of Sunday 25th June at 9am.

We will do the following wrecks with 20 to 22 guided dives planned. Susanna/Excaliber, El Mina, Kingston, Thistlegorm (4 dives), Dunraven, Carnatic, Kimon M, Chrisoula K/Marcus and Giannis D

Proposed dive schedule depending on weather is as follows:

Saturday Day 1: Board boat in afternoon
Sunday Day 2: (4 dives)
Monday Day 3: (4 dives)
Tuesday Day 4: (4 dives)
Wednesday Day 5: (4 dives)
Thursday Day 6: (4 dives)
Friday Day 7: (2 dives)
Saturday Day 8: Stay in port wait for new divers or disembark if you are not on next South trip.

Divers that are interested in either North Wreck Week or South Shark Week or both of these trips:

North trip is $1300 per diver, South trip is $1400 per diver. If you do both trips then it is $2600 per diver.

Trip costs include the following:
> Nitrox.
> All port fees, fuel charges, crew tips.
> Free Nitrox certification if not already certified.

We will be conducting training at huge discounts. All proceeds go to Trident Warrior veteran training fund. (All training will only take place on the North Trip due to incompatible conditions in South for training!):

> Advanced Open Water $280, Wreck $230 or Deep $180 each.

> DPV $130 each (We can sell the LeFeet S1Pro recreational DPV’s for $800 per unit. We will provide units for training only).

> Full Face Mask $130 each (You will need to bring your own full face mask).

> Sidemount. $330.  We are still working out the details to put together a package for you that can include heavily discounted top line sidemount gear or consult with you on what you need to bring. We will also be offering this as a training course but you will need your own equipment that has been reviewed by us beforehand. Pricing for training and equipment TBA.

> CCR Certification. We are currently negotiating with an Instructor and may potentially be offering CCR training for either the Triton or ISC Meg (Details yet to be finalized).

Fineprint: No single supplements but you will be paired up with a buddy of same sex and personality match to share a room where there are two twin beds in each room. We like to hold a video call with participants prior to confirming booking to chat with you about the trip and make sure we deliver your expectations. Once you are given a place on the trip you will be required to pay a 50% Non refundable deposit to hold your spot. Final 50% payment is required 60 days before sail date. You will be guided through the process of booking your own flight and obtaining your visa to enter Egypt and will be asked to provide your flight and Visa details so we avoid any mishaps. You will be required to carry divers insurance. You will be asked to provide dive count, last dive, dive certification and numbers that we will verify. Rules for divers lottery entry: All divers will have one ticket placed into the hat for each trip that they join. If you do north AND south you get two tickets, if you do north or south then you get one ticket. Your total live-aboard trip cost (not flight or other expenses) will be refunded if you are the lucky winner. Tickets for the free trip are pulled first from the hat on the final day of the South trip. Then we will pull a ticket for the free diving light and finally we will pull a ticket for the nitrox analyzer. Divers that are not with us on the second trip that attended the first trip will be invited to join the drawing using video conference. Finally, this is a trip filled with fun single divers but a couple or two may sneak in. The trip is strongly geared towards singles, military veterans and fun people so please, if you are a Karen or Ken then we would appreciate it if you went on the trip starting on 33nd of Julugust. There will be military veterans on the trip so please know that profanity will be widely distributed and dark humour is our strongest ally that has helped us through hard times. Please consider other options if you think this may offend you.

Can’t wait to see you in Egypt 🙂

Egypt - North Wreck
from June 24, 2023 to July 1, 2023
Associated Costs:
Certifications available:
  • $280 - Advanced Open Water
  • $230 - Wreck Certification
  • $180 - Deep Certification
  • $130 - DPV Certification
  • $130 - Full Face Mask Certification
  • $0 - Nitrox Certifiction (Free)
  • $330 - SideMount
Your instructor(s):